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The Best McDonald's Toys of All Time

McDonald’s is known for being the home of the happy meal and its famous toys. Kids can’t wait to get their hands on the latest McDonald’s toy! From the classic Disney characters to new characters from popular movies, there’s a new toy to lust after every time we visit Mickey D’s. So what are the best McDonald's toys of all time? Let’s take a look...


Which McDonald’s toys have been the most popular?

The top-selling McDonald’s toys have varied over the years. We’ve seen toys based on different movie franchises, as well as toys relating to video games and TV shows. We’ve also seen some toy revivals over the years, with some older toys making appearances again in more recent years. There have also been some exclusive toys that have only been available in certain countries, with those toys not making it to the list of top-selling McDonald’s toys. Some of the most popular McDonald’s toys have been based on some of the most popular movie franchises, like the Disney princesses and Toy Story. Some of the most popular toys have also been based on characters that have been extremely popular at the time. One example is the Happy Meal toys based on Miffy, the popular penguin character from the children’s books. Miffy is very popular in Japan, and Happy Meals are very popular in the United States. By partnering with each other, they have created one of the most popular and beloved children’s characters in the world.


The Toys From Our Childhood

There are some toys from our childhood that we will always remember. The toys that were the most popular during our childhood were the ones that were given out as part of the Happy Meal. Some of the most memorable toys from our childhood include the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and of course, the Disney princesses. We’ve seen the Disney princesses appear in the Happy Meal a number of times and they’re always a massive hit. The toys vary from one promotion to the next, but they’re always something that little girls will adore. The Disney princesses are some of the most popular characters on the planet and little girls adore them. There’s no doubt that these toys will be a massive hit with young fans. There are some other classic toys that have been given as part of the Happy Meal too, like the Barbie and Hot Wheels cars.


The Disney Toys

The Disney princesses have been featured in the Happy Meal a few times throughout the years. We’ve seen both the classic and the modern princesses given as part of the Happy Meal, including the hugely popular Frozen princesses. We’ve also seen Disney princess dolls given as part of the Happy Meal, including a Snow White doll and a Cinderella doll. Disney princess figures are another popular choice, with some of the most recent offerings including Rapunzel and Merida from Brave. There have also been some princess-themed Happy Meals, like the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs meal. There have been a number of other Disney toys that have been given as part of the Happy Meal, including Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story. There have also been Disney toy cars, like the Buzz Lightyear car and the Woody car.


The Happy Meal Toy Renaissance

In recent years, Happy Meal toys have been more high-end than they used to be. There have been toys that have been given just as part of the Happy Meal, without being given as part of a Happy Meal promotion. There have also been toys that have been available in both the Happy Meal and regular meal, meaning that they have been a bit too expensive to be given as part of the Happy Meal. There have been some really exciting offerings given as part of the Happy Meal in recent years, like the Finding Dory and Cars 3 toys. There have also been some new, original toys given as part of the Happy Meal, like the Go! Go! Smart Wheels toys. There have also been some retro toys that have been given as part of the Happy Meal, like the Care Bears.


Video Game-Themed Toys

As video games have become more and more popular, there have been some video game-themed Happy Meal toys. Toys have been used to represent a variety of games. There have been some cars based on popular racing games, like the Mario Kart and Cars toys. Some battle games have been represented as well, such as the Minecraft toys. There have been a few video game character toys based on characters from classic video games, such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man. In addition to toys based on popular video game characters, there have been some based on less well-known characters, such as the Scramble Squisher.


Newest Additions to the McDonald’s toy list

There have been some brand new toys released as part of the Happy Meal recently. There have been some movie toys based on The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, and a Harry Potter toy, featuring an owl. New and original toys, such as Go! Go! Smart Wheels cars have been released. Certain countries have also had exclusive Pokémon toys. Special events have given some exclusive toys, such as the Pikachu toy released for National Cheeseburger Day. There have been some limited edition toys given as part of special campaigns, like the special Happy Meal toys released for the Thai cave rescue mission.


The Big Surprise Egg Surprise

McDonald’s released a special surprise egg that kids could buy for $2.99. The toy inside the egg was a surprise and kids could either get a toy based on an existing franchise or a special character. There were three characters that were given as part of the surprise egg, including the McSqueebles, the alien from the children’s books, and an alien from the kids’ TV show. SpongeBob Squarepants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were among the special characters given as part of the surprise egg. There have been some franchises that have been given as part of both the surprise egg and the regular Happy Meal, like The Incredibles and the Cars.


McDonald’s GamerSet and Happy Meal

Special, expensive Happy Meals have been given as part of Battlefield and Fortnite events. There were also special GamerSet toys and accessories given as part of the Happy Meal and regular meals, and special toys given as part of the GamerSet, like the SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick figures. There have also been a few variations on the GamerSet, which have different designs but still have the same functions. The GamerSet has been a popular toy for kids, and they have been collecting these different variations. Kids love these toys because they can pretend to do what they do in real life. They can pretend to be a doctor, scientist, or gamer. The GamerSet is a great toy because it has something for all kids.

 Mcdonald Toys


The McDonald’s toy list is always changing, with new toys being released every now and again. We’ve seen the classic Disney toys appear again and again, as well as some new movie franchises being represented. We’ve seen some video game franchises get their own toys and characters from other franchises appear as special surprises in the egg. There have been all kinds of different toys given as part of the Happy Meal over the years, so there’s sure to be something for every kid out there.

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