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The Power Rangers Toys You Grew Up Loving and Playing With!

Are you a kid who grew up in the 90s? If so, then there’s no way you missed out on all the hype around the Power Rangers. The TV show was very popular back then and even today, many people still love watching the Power Rangers. It makes us wonder why right? Well, if you were also one of those kids who grew up playing with action figures or any other toys, we have good news for you! The Power Rangers toy collection is definitely worth getting excited about! There are so many cool things that come along with it – masks, weapons, swords, and even zords. We know that there might be some who think that it’s weird to get into playing with toys again as an adult or teen. However, we think that there’s nothing wrong with having fun while being an adult. Everyone needs a little escapism once in a while!


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Toys

If we had to name one toy that all Power Ranger fans seem to remember the most, it would definitely be the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers toys. This toy set was very popular when it launched in 1992. It was created by Bandai and was released in both America and Japan at the same time. There were five different characters included in the toy set. They were the Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Pink Power Rangers. There was a Megazord, a Battlezord, a Red Ranger zord, a Blue Ranger zord, and a Black Ranger zord. The Battlezord and the Megazord were the two larger toys that could be combined to make one giant mega zord. The Battlezord was black and red, and the Megazord was blue and yellow. The Red Ranger zord was a motorcycle, the Blue Ranger zord was a car, and the Black Ranger zord was a truck.. There were also five different villains that came with the toy set. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers toys were made out of plastic which meant that they were very durable. Another cool thing about them was that they were made in such a way that they could morph into different zords. The Power Ranger toys were very popular in the early 90s, and they became even more popular after Power Rangers: The Movie was released in cinemas.


Go Go Power Rangers Toys

If you loved the Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger toys as a kid, you’ll surely be excited about the Go Go Power Ranger toys that were released in the early 2000s. They were also made by Bandai. The Power Rangers toys were just as popular as the Mighty Morphin’ ones. The Go Go Power Ranger toys were just as durable as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger toys and were, therefore, loved by all children. However, they came with different features and were marketed towards younger kids. The Go Go Power Rangers came with walkie-talkies that were shaped like Megazord's so that kids could pretend to be talking to each other while they were playing. Kids were also able to pretend that the Megazord walkie-talkies were actually a phone. The Power Rangers had different fighting abilities and weapons, which allowed young children to play out different scenarios while they were pretending to be Power Rangers. Kids were also able to collect the Power Rangers toys, which allowed them to pretend that they were displaying their favorite Power Ranger.


Metallic and Electronic Power Ranger Toys

If you’re looking for something different and unique when it comes to Power Ranger toys, you might want to check out the metallic and electronic Power Ranger toys. They are definitely something that you don’t see often. These metallic and electronic Power Ranger toys were released in the early 2000s and were made by Bandai. They were very popular at the time and are still very popular today. They may not be as popular as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger toys, but they are definitely still worth checking out. The metallic and electronic Power Ranger toys are also very durable and are just as popular as their predecessors. They have cool lights and sounds, and kids can mix and match the parts to create their own unique zords. These toys are appropriate for kids aged 4 and up. They are also great for imaginative play. These Power Rangers toys will be a hit with any little fan of the TV show. They also make different sounds when pressed. They might be a bit more expensive than the plastic ones, but they’re sure to be a hit with every Power Rangers fan. What kid doesn’t love a little bling?


Newer Releases of Power Ranger Toys

As kids grow up and new generations come into the picture, toy brands need to come up with new and more innovative ideas to keep the kids interested. This is why newer releases of Power Ranger toys have come out over the past decade. These newer releases have been designed with the kids of today in mind. Many of the newer releases are interactive and are, therefore, much more interesting for kids to play with compared to the classic Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger toys. These newer releases are quite innovative and creative, and kids will surely love them. They’ll also be very excited to play with them as they’re very modernized. There are many cool newer releases of Power Ranger toys out there. We have listed a few below: - Power Rangers SPD Spin Blaster Cycle - This is a miniature version of the larger SPD Blast Cycles. - Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Shield with Sword - This newer release is a replica of the one that came with the Dragon Shield back in the 90s. - Newer Releases From the Power Rangers Movie - These are new releases from the recent Power Rangers movie that came out in 2017.


Final Words

We hope that this article has given you insight into the Power Rangers toys that were popular during your childhood. If you grew up playing with these toys, we hope that they bring you back to your childhood. This is why we encourage adults to open up to their inner child and play with toys once in a while! Now that you’re an adult, you can start collecting these toys! We hope you have fun with these toys as much as we did when we were kids.

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