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Sonic the Hedgehog: My Top 5 Favorite Toys


In the world of video games, there are many different types of merchandise that can be released. From clothing to accessories and even toys, gaming companies have a variety of ways to sell their products. When it comes to video game merchandise, there is no company like Sega. From the release of their first home console in 1983 all the way up until recent years, Sega has been coming up with creative ways to sell their games. One way they’ve done this is by making a variety of toys based on their most popular characters. Many people believe that this toy was made with a lot of passion and care since a corporation wouldn’t bother putting so much love and care into a simple cash grab. Anyone who grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog knows how important these little guys were in our lives as children…


Tails and Knuckles

When it comes to best friends in video games, you’d be hard pressed to find two better companions than the two flying foxes; Tails and Knuckles. These two have been by Sonic’s side since the very start of their friendship and have become some of the most iconic characters in the Sonic franchise. When it came time for Sega to make toys based on the characters, they made sure to include both of them in the lineup. Both Knuckles the Echidna and Miles “Tails” Prower are featured in many different types of toys. While Tails is featured in a variety of different toys, there are a few that stand out from the rest. These include a key chain and a set of mini figures. While Tails has been featured in many different toys throughout the years, none of them are quite as unique as the giant plush toy of him that was released in the 90s. This plush was so big that it could be used as a small couch for an average-sized child.


Sonic Spinners

One of the most recent and popular toys to be released by Sega was a set of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinners. These little finger toys came in a variety of different characters from all the way across the Sonic franchise. There were spinners based on characters like Knuckles, Shadow, and even Amy Rose. Despite appearances, these devices were really something special. Spinners became a very popular toy a few years back and almost everyone in the world seemed to have one. Because these toys were so popular, Sega decided to try and profit from them by manufacturing Sonic-themed spinners. What was so amazing about these spinners was that they were actually much better than the ones that were being sold in stores. The ones in stores were cheaply made and didn’t spin very well but the ones made by Sega actually spun very smoothly and were made of high-quality materials. These spinners were so popular that they actually sold out in most stores.


Dr. Eggman Fighters

When Sega decided to make toys based on their most popular characters, they didn’t just make figures and toys that were meant for kids. They also made toys that were meant for anyone and everyone, regardless of their age. One example of a toy that was made for the older crowd is the Dr. Eggman Fighters toys. These giant robots were heavily inspired by the Japanese fighters that were being made at the time. These robots came in two different styles and two different characters: Dr. Eggman and Metal Knuckles. These robots were much larger than the average action figure and could actually be used as a toy for matches between friends. They came with mini boxing gloves that could be used to punch at one another while standing on a surface that was big enough for these robots to stand on.


Key Chains

Another cool toy that was released by Sega was a set of miniature key chains. These key chains were very small and could easily be held on a key ring by anyone. They came in a variety of different characters from all across the Sonic franchise. There were key chains of characters like Tails and Knuckles, but most of them were themed around the villains of the franchise. Some of these villains included Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, and even Shadow the Hedgehog. These key chains were much smaller than the average action figure but were still a lot of fun to collect. They are easily one of the more obscure toys that were ever released by Sega but they’re still very cool nonetheless.


Plush Toys

While most of the toys on this list are more associated with the older crowd, Sega did also release a few toys that are more suited to the younger demographic. One such toy is a giant plush doll of Sonic the Hedgehog. This plush was so large that it could easily be used as a couch for an adult or a bed for a small child. This giant Sonic the Hedgehog plush was based on his appearance in the Sonic Adventure games. This giant Sonic plush is easily one of the coolest and most unique toys that Sega has ever released in their history.



Overall, Sega has given its fans a lot of amazing toys over the years. These toys have come in many different types and varieties and have been released in many different ways. Some of them have been given out in competitions while others have been sold in stores. No matter how they’ve been released, these toys are a must-have for any Sonic fan. If you want to relive your childhood or if you have kids who want toys based on their favorite characters, then be sure to check out the different toys based on Sonic the Hedgehog. While many of these toys are old and out of production, they can still be found in many different locations and will be sure to bring a smile to any fan of the Blue Blur.

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