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Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained with Squishy Toys

Keeping kids entertained doesn’t have to be an exhausting task. Even if your little ones are too young to play board games or read books, there are plenty of fun and engaging activities that they can enjoy with squishy toys. Even if you don’t think your child is ready for a more complex activity yet, there are many ways to keep them happy and stimulated without over-stimulating them. Let’s face it; all children love squishy toys because they are soft, cuddly, and a great way to soothe their nerves after a long day at school or home. They’re also fantastic because they can entertain kids from just about any age group…whether that age is 2 years old or 15 years old!


Why Are Squishy Toys So Popular?

Squishy toys are so popular because they serve two primary functions. First, they are soft and cuddly, so they make a great companion for kids of all ages. They can be a comfort item or a distraction for children who are experiencing stress or anxiety. Young children find squishy toys to be engaging and tactile. In fact, sensory-seeking toddlers and preschoolers may spend hours playing with squishy toys, exploring different textures, and squeezing them over and over again. Squishy toys are also great for fine motor development. Because toddlers and preschoolers can put the toys in their mouths, they are also great for sensory processing. Squishy toys also encourage kids to engage in creative play by making up stories and acting out scenes with the different characters.


How to Choose a Good Squishy Toy

The first thing you should do when shopping for a squishy toy for your child is to determine the type of toy that will be best for them. Squishy toys come in a wide variety of different materials, colors, and textures, which might make it difficult to know which one to choose. If you have a particular type of toy in mind, you can use the materials listed on the packaging labels to guide your purchase. Otherwise, choose a toy that is brightly colored and textured. You might also want to consider the durability of the material. While most squishy toys are built to last, some may not hold up as well as others.


Foam Squishy Toys

Foam squishy toys are usually brightly colored and come in various shapes and sizes. Kids can squish them and stretch them with their hands, or they can sit on them, sit on them and roll them across the floor, or squish them between their knees to create a soothing sound that can help with relaxation. Most foam squishy toys are washable, so if they get covered in dirt or get some food crumbs stuffed inside them, they can be cleaned easily. Foam squishy toys are also a great choice for babies and toddlers. These toys are easy for babies to hold and they are colorful and fun, but they are also safe to chew on, which is perfect for babies and teething toddlers. Foam squishy toys are also a great choice for kids with sensory processing disorder, anxiety, or attention deficit disorder. Squishy toys are a sensory-friendly item, so you can use them for kids who get overwhelmed by texture or who need to be constantly touching something to stay calm and focused.



Slime & Glitter Squishy Toys

Kids love slime and glitter. There is just something about these colors that is so appealing to the senses. There are tons of squishy toys that come in the colors of slime and glitter. Squishy toys that are colored like slime are usually a clear liquid that is easy to clean up and comes in lots of different colors. Squishy toys colored like glitter usually come in a variety of colors and have a semi-concentrated glitter inside that is also easy to clean up. Squishy toys that are colored like slime or glitter are also great sensory toys for kids who need to be in constant contact with something to help with relaxation. Luckily, these squishy toys come in a variety of textures, so you can find something that is right for your child. Clogs are also great sensory toys that can help promote relaxation and help with focus.



Let Your Child Lead With an Egg Shaper

An egg shaper is a great way to encourage kids to be creative, as there are no rules or limitations to what they can do with the toy. Your child can turn the shaper into a handheld stress ball or a fidget toy that they can enjoy for hours once they have created the desired shape. If your child has sensory needs, an egg shaper can be a great way to self-regulate and calm themselves when they are feeling stressed or anxious. It can also be a good way to transition off of being on the move all the time or needing to be touching things frequently. The egg shaper is a fairly simple toy, but it can be used in a variety of different ways. Your child can create any shape they want and then squish it between their fingers to calm down, or they can use the shape to make other toys, such as a squishy ball.


Stuffed Animals & Dolls With Squishy Faces

Stuffed animals and dolls with squishy faces are the perfect combinations of a cuddly plush toy and a squishy fidget toy. These types of toys are great for kids of all ages who like to hug and squeeze their toys. They also come in a wide variety of species and colors, so there is one for every kid out there. Stuffed animals and dolls with squishy faces are also good for kids who like to push and pull on toys but don’t want to ruin the face of the toy. These toys are also great for children with sensory processing disorders and other special needs. Stuffed animals and dolls with squishy faces are also great toys to help children with autism learn more about emotions and social skills. You can help your child identify different emotions by using these types of toys.



Stretchy Octopus or Snake Toys

Stretchy octopus or snake toys are probably one of the most popular squishy toys for kids. Kids can pull and stretch these toys for hours without ever getting bored. They can also use these toys to help with focus and fidgeting. These toys are usually made of a stretchy material that is similar to elastic, so your child doesn’t have to worry about breaking them. These toys are also usually very colorful and come in various themes. They are a great gift for a birthday party or another celebration. These toys are also good for kids with sensory processing disorders who need to be constantly in contact with something. Children with autism can benefit from these toys because they like to stretch them.




Squishy toys can be a great way to keep kids entertained, no matter what their interests are. You can also use squishy toys to talk about different topics like animals and music, or even learn a new language. And, because squishy toys are so soft and cuddly, they make great comfort items for kids who may be experiencing stress or anxiety. Squishy toys are easy to clean and safe for kids of all ages, and they can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your child. With so many different types of toys to choose from, you can find the perfect squishy toy for your child and keep them entertained for hours.

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