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6 Toys For Tots That Will Make Your Kid Happy!

‍Let’s face it, kids get bored easily. They demand attention and when they don’t get it, they become whiny and cranky. Don’t worry; we have been there too! As parents, all we want to do is make our kids happy but keeping their little minds occupied is never easy. This is why many parents look out for toys that are not just fun but also educational at the same time. During the holidays, you will come across so many toys for tots. Some of them are expensive while others are cheap. Which one should you go for? Let's take a look at some of the best toys for tots that you can find.


Finger puppets

Finger puppets are great toys for tots, children of both genders as well as adults. They are also a great source of entertainment for kids during long journeys. You can find finger puppets in different themes such as princesses, sea animals, zoo animals, and so on. Your little one can wear them and act out a story. You can also use them to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet. The finger puppets come with small letters printed on them that your child can try to trace with his finger. These toys are very cheap and will not cost you a lot of money. You can purchase as many as you want for your child to keep his attention span engaged and to teach them various activities.


Electronic drum kit

This is a must-have toy for your kid if he loves music. The electronic drum set is something he can play with whenever he feels like it. You can find one in the online shops if you don’t have time to visit the nearby toy store. One of these sets will cost you around $50, which is quite affordable. If your child would like to play an instrument as he grows up, this would be an excellent choice. It will help him learn the basics of playing a drum set as well as provide him with hours of fun. You can find an electronic drum kit in various themes such as cars and animals. A child growing up and showing interest in music would be delighted with this gift.


Marble Run

If you want to buy a toy for a girl, you can get her a marble run. These toys are wonderful for kids as they help them develop motor skills, play creativity, and enhance logical thinking. This is one of the best toys for tots when it comes to improving cognitive development. You can find a marble run in various themes such as animals, birds, flowers, and so on. It is a great toy for both indoor and outdoor play. Kids will still love this building toy even if it doesn’t come with a cool theme. Marble runs are also a great toy for fostering STEM skills in young kids. These toys come with a variety of different marbles, so kids will have to experiment to see which ones make the best patterns.


Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

If you want to buy your child a toy that is both fun and educational, you can get her the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. It is a futuristic racing game that comes with a track and a couple of cars. Your child can play with a friend or a sibling as it is a two-player game. But, you can also play by yourself if you want. The cars are equipped with sensors that let you know when you’ve hit an obstacle. You can accelerate and brake them as you play. The track lights up as the cars pass over it. This is a great toy for your child to learn basic programming skills as well as enjoy a fun game. It is a bit pricey, though, but is worth the money.


Vtech KidiBuzz Game

If your child loves playing games on the computer or the television, you can get him the Vtech KidiBuzz Game. This game comes with 40 colorful cards that your child can place on the board. The game has three skill levels and can be played by a single child as well as a group of children. The game teaches your child about different animals, letters, numbers, and so on. It also comes with two fun sound effects. This game is a great toy for tots as it helps them improve their cognitive skills. It is affordable and will not cost you much. It is a gift that both girls and boys will love.


Radio Flyer Tricycle

If your child is at least three years old, you can get him a tricycle toy. A tricycle is a great outdoor toy for kids. You can get your child a Radio Flyer Tricycle that comes with a folding handle and large foot pedals. This is a classic toy and will be enjoyed by your child for many years. This is one of the best toys for tots if you have a toddler who loves riding a bike. You can find this tricycle in different themes such as sports, princesses, dinosaurs, etc. It is an affordable toy and will not cost you a lot of money. You can also get it as a gift if you have a friend or family member expecting a baby.



There are many toys for tots that are available on the market. You can easily find one that you think your child will like. It is important to keep your child engaged so that he doesn’t get bored and cry for attention. Playing helps your child learn various things as well as increases his attention span. It is important to choose the right toy for your child depending on his age, interests, and the amount you have to spend on it. We hope the article will help you in finding the right toy for your child.

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