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Toys From Disney Movies That Kids Will Love


In this day and age, it doesn’t take much to blow a child’s mind with toys from their favorite Disney movies. Let’s face it, kids go nuts over anything that is related to any Disney character or movie. And why not? After all, the company has created some of the most popular and beloved animated films in history. They have so many memorable characters, villains, sidekicks – you name it! Even if your child isn’t necessarily obsessed with any particular Disney character or movie at this moment (we all have those phases), they will likely become obsessed with one at some point soon enough. It doesn’t matter if you have a princess-obsessed little girl who plays with Rapunzel dolls on a regular basis or a little boy who can recite every word of Aladdin like it was his job – there is almost certainly a toy related to whatever movie your child happens to love right now that will blow their minds.


The Best Toys From Your Favorite Disney Movies

There are so many great Disney toys from so many different movies. How do you decide which ones are the best? Well, we can help you with that! Just keep reading to learn more about the top toys from some of the most popular Disney films.


Wreck it Ralph Toys

This is a movie that’s aimed at younger kids but is still a ton of fun for the grown-ups who watch it with them. The main character, Ralph, is a huge video game bad guy who wants to be the hero. He’s ever-so-slightly temperamental and wears a tracksuit that seems to be made of tattered old bricks. His massive, muscular hands are permanently stained with the red glow of toxic pixels. There are so many great toys from Wreck it Ralph, from Bad-guy-turned-hero Ralph figures to the massive “Hero” controller that’s modeled after his controller from his game. There’s even a great plush of Ralph’s best buddy, Vanellope.


Finding Nemo, Dory Toys

We’re pretty sure that Dory is the most popular character from Finding Nemo. She’s easily one of the most recognizable animated characters in history, and she’s absolutely hilarious. She’s also very sympathetic, which makes her character all the more endearing. The most popular toys from this movie are probably the Finding Nemo-themed squishy bath toys. And who can forget the Finding Nemo-themed Squeeze ‘N Squishy toys? They’re basically like stress balls, only they’re shaped like Nemo, Dory, and other Finding Nemo characters, along with their signature sound effects.


Maui, Moana Toys

Little girls who love the movie Moana are going to want Maui toys pretty badly. While there aren’t as many toys from this movie as some of the others on this list, there are still a few Maui toys that are worth your attention. One great one is the Maui Pull Along toy, which is basically a Maui doll on a pull string. There’s also a Squeeze ‘N Squish Maui toy that’s very cute.


Olaf, Sven, And Friends from Frozen Toys

The star of Frozen is, of course, Elsa. But the polar opposite of Elsa (both in terms of personality and her love for summer and warm weather) is the goofy snowman, Olaf. He’s definitely one of the top Frozen toys. There are many Olaf toys you can buy, but some of the best are the Squeeze ‘N Squish Olafs, the Pull-Along Olafs, and the plush Olaf dolls.

There are other Frozen toys that are worth your time and money, of course, but we’re focusing on the best ones to help you make a decision.


Ariel and the gang from Little Mermaid Toys

The Little Mermaid is one of the best Disney movies of all time, in our opinion. It’s an absolute classic. From Ariel’s adorable singing voice and endless curiosity to the hilariously stubborn Sebastian and Flounder, there’s just so much to love. The best Little Mermaid toys are easily the Squeeze ‘N Squishy toys. There are many different ones, so you can find the characters you want.

There are also a few cute plush dolls of the main characters, as well as a couple of cool Ariel figures.


Sleeping Beauty Toys

This is another of the best Disney movies that has many great toys, especially if your child is a princess-obsessed kid. There are Sleeping Beauty Squeeze ‘N Squish dolls, plush dolls, and more. There are also some great Maleficent toys for kids who are huge fans of this evil but very powerful character.


Disney Pixar Cars Toys

There are many different Disney Pixar Cars toys you can buy, but there are also a few that stand out from the rest. For example, there are some really cool Lightning McQueen toys. There are also some great Mater toys, including a couple of Squeeze ‘N Squish editions of him. There’s also a Tow Mater Squeeze ‘N Squish doll that’s very popular.


Knowing which characters your child loves most will help you pick.

Children have a lot of different interests, so knowing which characters they most love will help you pick which books are best for them. Are they fans of princesses, superheroes, trains, or monsters? Once you know which characters they love most, you can start looking at their books. You will see that many of them are recommended for certain age groups, so look out for that on each book’s description. You will also see that many books come in different reading levels. Not every child starts reading at the same time, so you can choose a book that is recommended for a lower reading level if your child is younger.


You can choose the best Disney Character toys in our collection, from Mickey Mouse to Elsa Frozen. You can find the perfect gifts for kids, adults, boys, or girls in our selection. We have something for every Disney fan. With our low prices, you can stock up on character toys for your next birthday party or holiday event. You can explore our selection of toys for kids and adults to find the perfect gift.

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